David H. Price, PhD

Principal Investigator

Although I obtained a B.S. in Chemistry, I realized that I was more interested in the mechanisms of life. During my Ph.D. in Bill Marzluff's lab and postdoctoral stints at Caltech (Eric Davidson, Carl Parker) and Duke (Arno Greenleaf) I began to develop in vitro methods to study transcription and RNA processing. I started my lab at University of Iowa in 1989 and have worked since then to understand exactly how the elongation phase of transcription impacts eukaryotic gene expression. Discussing data and models with students and postdocs is my favorite pastime, but outside of lab I also enjoy the challenge of autocross.

Kyle Nilson


After considering careers in music and mathematics, I settled on biology under the guidance of Dr. Dennis Miller at the University of Texas at Dallas, where I graduated in 2010. My classes and lab experiences got me interested in transcription and the regulation of gene expression. Fortunately, I ran into David during my interviews at Iowa and discovered that my textbooks never told the whole story. I am now working with him to further the plot, using HIV latency as a unique model for transcriptional understanding. When not learning to be a better scientist, I'm learning to be a better driver by autocrossing with David and John.

Chris Ball

Graduate Student

I just started in the Price Lab as a Biochemistry graduate student. I obtained a BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry track) from UNC and then worked for a few years as a technician. I can't wait to find out how transcription works. 

Christine Lawson, BS

Research Technician

I am originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I received my BS in Biochemistry at Louisiana State University in 2014. With an interest in becoming a scientist, I began conducting research in a biochemistry lab at LSU. I also spent my summers exploring microbiology research (and big city living) in Richmond and NYC. After graduating, I moved to Iowa with my husband mid-winter. Coming from the deep south, I think I'm trapped in the Arctic. Not wanting to leave the lab, but not ready to pursue a graduate career, I joined the Price Lab to continue expanding the field of transcription regulation. When I’m not stuck in a block of ice, you can find me at the dog park with my German shepherd and my collie.

Ming Li

Research Technician

I just started in the Price Lab. I am interested in viral transcription mechanisms. I also work in the Meier Lab 

Benjamin Spector

Undergraduate Student

I am in my Senior year in the Biochemistry BS program.


Megan Spector

Undergraduate Student

I am in my Junior year in the Biochemistry BS program.

Jacob Antony

Undergraduate Student

I am in my senior year in Whitworth College and am part of the Biochemistry Summer Undergraduate Research program at the University of Iowa.